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gifts underneath an evergreen tree, stockings above the fireplace and hot meals on a dinner table. Christmas is upon us next week which brings joy to everyone's heart. The season of giving has different meaning for each individual and we thought we'd share our interpretation. This is FRESHCOTTON meets Christmas!

Our Christmas campagne consists of our very own interpretation of our favorite holiday. We started out by researching the history behind Christmas to form a vision and share this with the outside world. The results can be found on this blog!

Christmas has a rich history and is a mix of culture, religion and tradition. It all started with the birth of Jesus and the day originally celebrated his birth. This is also why Christmas is celebrated worldwide. In the past, Christianity was central in the lives of many people. Among these people were artist such as Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. The many paintings of Rembrand reference biblical stories which is why we used his work for inspiration.

The models used for the photo shoot are based on different characters from the Bible. Even the clothes that were used for the photo shoot serve a specific cause. Carhartt WIP is used the most because it's part of the Carhartt brand, which is workwear apparel. This choice seemed fitting considering Josef was a carpenter.

We hope you can appreciate our work and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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