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Although technically not a real holiday, Black Friday will be held this year on the 29th of November. The day has its origins in America but is celebrated worldwide. The name 'Black Friday' is also informal considering the government of the u.s.a. doesn't recognize it as an official holiday. Black Friday can be seen more like a tradition rather than a holiday or event. 

It all started out in the 50's in America. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is notorious for the shopping sprees. Retailers would annually give major discounts, run promotions and offer customers plenty of options for Christmas gifts. 

People started to give this phenomenon a name and thus Black Friday was born. It was around this time that people also started to have exceptions surrounding Black Friday. Each year retailers open shop early and offer items with heavy discount. And even though Black Friday does not have an official date, heavy discounts are given each year during the first Friday after Thanksgiving. 


Black Friday's popularity has increased outside of the United States, probably because it gets mentioned often in the media. In 2015, approximately 35 retailers participated in Black Friday and this number grew each year. Almost 200 stores in the Netherlands participated in Black Friday during 2018.

FRESHCOTTON wil also participate in Black Friday this year, offering up to 40% in discount for many items.

The Editor's Pick of this week is inspired by FRESHCOTTON's participation of Black Friday. FRESHCOTTON stands for streetwear and the lifestyle/culture that comes along with it. Our interpretation of Black Friday consists mostly of black workwear. 

The outfit above consists of a black Quality Blanks cap, a black Lacoste puffer with an all-over print, a black shirt by Stüssyblack Obey Hardwork denim jeans and black Warrior sneakers. All items can be found on our webshop, checkout our Black Friday Sales page for all items that are on sale during this Black Friday!

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