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Cargo pants, tactical vests, waterproof jackets and waterproof boots. Tech wear is a unique clothing style which priorities form over function. The philosophy behind tech wear is that someones outfit shouldn't only look great, it should also be functional in everyday life situations.

The popularity of tech wear has been on the rise and fashion designers have taken notice. A lot of fans of tech wear find it important that the pieces shouldn't only look technical, but also be functional. This is why a lot of tech wear aficionados choose to wear workwear and clothing designed for outerwear.

This week's Editor's Pick is all about Technical Military, tech wear that draws inspiration from military uniforms, because who wears more functional clothing than soldiers?

Nobody can explain why uniforms are so charming, perhaps it's because they remind us of the heroic tales of soldiers. The military has always been a source of inspiration for the fashion industry and pieces of soldier uniforms have always been popular among civilians. The bomber jacket for example used to be exclusively used by the military. The flip side is of course that the military has at times been inspired by fashion trends when designing their uniforms.

The important thing in tech wear is that the functional clothes have to have a military look and feel to them. An easy clothing item that fits within these criteria are cargo pants, these were first worn during world war 2 by British troops. Color is also an important aspect within Technical Military, green and brown are colors that remind us of uniforms and should definitely be used.

Our webshop offers a lot of products that fall into the catagory of technical military, the look above consists of a Quality Blanks Technical Parka Black, a Gagrou Vest Black Green Check, a The New Originals Parachute Trousers and a Nike P6000 Cool Grey White. All items are available for purchase on our webshop.

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