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November has come, which means December is coming, which in turn means that winter is coming. That last part can be verified by anyone that stepped outside to experience the cold weather. The days where you could walk outside in your favorite t-shirt are long gone. Your outfit will no longer be made out of items you think are pretty, but also by items that will protect you from the season.

A simple solution could be to simply wear a nice sweater against the cold. An even more exciting solution is of course to start wearing multiple layers of clothes. Layering is the art of wearing multiple layers that compliment each other. Many of us are already familiar with this without even knowing. Ever wore a t-shirt under a shirt under a jacket? That's called layering. Layering does not only look cool, it can also protect you from catching a cold.

This week's Editor's Pick is all about layering and how to layer clothes properly. Although it might sound difficult, it's a lot easier than you think. The only thing you'll need is a little bit of creativity and different types of clothing.

Your two most important clothing items for layering are shirts and hoodies. For some unexplainable reason, hoodies and shirt go a long with almost anything. Try wearing a turtleneck under a shirt, or a hoodie under a shirt. You'll be amazed at how many items can be combined to make an interesting look. The possibilities are truly endless.

The only thing you'll have to take into account is sizing. Considering that you'll be wearing multiple layers, you might want to consider wearing your layers a size larger simply for comfort. Color isn't something you should worry about, consider that most colors compliment each other and make for a much more interesting look.

You can find many clothes that you can use for layering on our webshop. The outfit above consists of a beanie of Stussy, a trenchcoat by Wemoto, a jacket by RVLT and a Nike hoodie. All items can be found on our webshop.

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