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Autumn has come and the weather is getting colder and wetter. The warm summer days have been replaced by cold and wet mornings. Winter is around the corner and we all expect snowfall this year. A proper jacket for insulating heat is a must at the moment, not just to look the part but to also survive this year's harsh weather. 

A proper winterjacket is hard to define, the answer changes depending on who it is asked to. In order to understand what jacket is the most appropriate for this year's winter, we have to take a look at what the experts are doing. For this week's Editor's Pick, we studied a very influential fashion icon on the subject of jackets. That icon's name? Arsene Wenger.

Soccer fans might recognize Arsene Wenger as the trainer of Arsenal, but the man is known for much more than that. Arsene popularized the long puffer jacket, and is seen wearing it in plenty of matches. The long puffer has been accepted by the mainstream for quite some time, and we can all thank Arsene for this.


Plenty of celebrities seem to agree with Arsene Wenger and have taken a liking to long puffers. A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have both been seen outside wearing long puffer jackets, sporting a trendy yet unique look.



As mentioned before, this week's EP will be all about long puffer jackets. FRESHCOTTON offers a wide variety of puffer jackets from many different brands of great quality. The look seen below consists of a Lacoste puffer jacket, a Quality Blanks shirt, a pair of The New Originals trousers and Warrior sneakers. All items can be found on the website of FRESHCOTTON.

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