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Monochrome is the theme of this week’s Editors’ Pick. Checkout the rest of the blog to find out more about the monochrome trend.

When we talk about monochrome styling we talk about dressing within one color palette from head to toe. This is a common choice for those going for a street style look. Even though it may not be the most obvious choice to do so, but going for a monochrome outfit is probably one of the easiest ways to bring across a certain feel with your outfit. Colors are very expressive, therefore choosing to wear one color can bring effectively bring across the feel which goes with that certain color.

Thinking about what you should wear also quickly becomes a lot easier. A matching outfit is something you’ll want to look for any way, but once you have made your decision about one item, finding a similar colored to compliment your fit will be less of a struggle. But don’t be mistaken, it isn’t necessary to find something with the exact same color. Picking different hues within the palette gives your fit more depth.

This week’s monochrome based Editors’ Pick features a fiery red fit. The weather hasn’t been great lately (as usual) so a layered outfit seems like the right choice. The suit pants and the button down shirt are from Carhartt WIP. HUF’s short sleeved shirt adds a little extra flair. The look is finished with adidas adillette slides and the OBEY X Warrior bucket hat, both featuring red accents.

All items can be found in the FRESHCOTTON Webshop.

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