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The neon trend is coming back! In light of its revival we have created an Editors' Pick featuring neon elements. However, before we dive a little deeper into this week's Editors' Pick, we are going discuss the origins of the trend. 

The origins of the neon trend lie within the American entertainment industry during the 80's. Movies in the 70's were about realism and were usually shot in black and white. During the 80's, filmmakers decided to turn that stigma around. They started making movies which revolved around youth and innocence through the use of neon colors. The colors seemed to capture and successfully convey a joyous message towards their audiences. The picture above is an example of neon colors being used in movies during the 80's. Even though Drive wasn't shot during the specific period, it does tell a story which takes place during that time period. Hence the use of neon colors for the movie poster.


The trend started to catch on and spread from the movie industry to the tv and music industry. One medium in particular even adopted the colors as part of their branding, which being MTV. Next to adopting the fluorescent lights as part of their brand at the time, they also broadcasted music videos of artists sporting the trend. In turn the trend was quickly picked up by the teen audience who usually followed the examples set by the artists. Eventually this led to neon being adopted by fashion itself during the '80s. 

But what needs to be understood is that the neon trend during the '80s actually resembled a turning point for many Americans. The 70's weren't regarded as the most positive period in time in the United States. As the decade is characterized by increasing criminal activity, drug abuse and President Nixon's resignation.

The '80s were experienced in a way more positive manner than the '70s. President Raegan was successful with his foreign affairs, Wall Street was booming and entertainment was thriving. Creating a sense of positivity among the population. Neon clothing became popular because it was something new, it was something different. A positive change which the people wanted and needed during that specific period in time.

Now, in 2019, we wear neon in a different way than it was done so many years ago. Instead of sporting a fit completely made out of neon hues we do it a little more subtly. Just as the image above shows, neon is best worn in combination with neutralizing colors such as black, beige and grey. 

The fit above features a neon longsleeve from New Amsterdam Surf Association, over which the technical vest from Obey is worn. The look is finished with the Daily Paper fanny pack and Nike's Air Zoom Alpha which also features neon accents. 

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