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Puffer jackets come in different shapes and forms and have in a short time secured a position in the fashion industry. From celebrities to influencers, the puffer jacket is a favorite among most of the population. But before we go into the many puffer jackets that are available on our webshop, let's discuss the history of this cozy and comfortable jacket. 

It al started in 1922, when a group of adventures decided to climb the Mount Everest. The group consisted of soldiers, scientists and an Australian chemist named George Finch. Finch believed that the expedition teams biggest enemy would be the harsh weather on Mount Everest, and decided to design a jacket that would protect him from the cold.

George came up with the idea to design a jacket that was made from the same material as hot air balloons. After many hours of brainstorming, a jacket was created that could withstand the harsh cold Mount Everest produced. Happy with what he had made, George decided to meet his team while wearing his own custom made jacket.

George's peers mocked him for the jacket he wore that day, the world was simply not ready for the puffer. None of this bothered George as he knew that he would have the last laugh. Soon mockery turned into envy as George's jacket kept him warm and comfortable during the expedition. While everyone else was trying desperately to stay warm, George traversed the cold and became the first person to reach an altitude of 8km on Mount Everest. 

The jackets we wear today are nothing like the puffer George wore in 1922, but the same principles can be found nonetheless. Things like coziness, warmth and comfort are still important while designing present day puffers. Many puffers nowadays are even water- and windproof. 

Iedere puffer is wel uniek qua ontwerp, sommige puffers zijn langer dan normaal en sommige juist weer korter. Tegenwoordig zijn prints populair bij puffers en zijn puffer jassen in verschillende kleuren verkrijgbaar. Helly Hansen heeft zelfs puffer jassen die tweezijdig zijn, waardoor je twee verschillende ontwerpen hebt. 

The brand that produces the puffer also has their own philosophy which more often than not can be seen in the design. Carhartt WIP has puffers that are durable and will last for a long time, The North Face produces jackets that were quite literally made for mountain climbers. Patagonia's jackets are durable and the production process was environmentally friendly. Each brand has their own story and focus.

Our webshop offers a wide variety of puffer jackets for this season. Checkout the entire collection here.

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