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We interviewed Nathanaël, one of the graphic designers of the DP SS20 collection and a new member of the Freshcotton team. Read below everything to know about Nathanaël and the new Daily Paper items.

How did the collaboration between you and Daily Paper happen?

Two years ago, I’ve been asked by DP’s “head of creative & art direction” Beri Dalgali to make graphics for the FW19 collection. My graphic style went well with the FW19 concept. Beri and I graduated 6 years ago at the same art academy (Artez in Arnhem). Every now and then, I helped her with graphic programs or when the printer crashed (¬_¬).

You also designed most of the graphics from the previous Daily Paper collection. Is there a connection between this collection and the previous one?

The previous collection was mostly inspired by Afrofuturism and Retrofuturism. The retro-futuristic movement was a direct inspiration for the SS20 collection. “Nostalgia Meets a New World” is the collection’s guiding motto. Giving a retro vision of the future.

Is there an image that inspired you for this collection?

For the FW19 and the SS20, I’ve been inspired by old-school sci-fi movies because the visuals outlined a vision of the future that is now ‘outdated’ or sometimes even over-exaggerated. I love this graphic language because it is not only humorous but also aesthetically pleasing. I think that the aesthetics from the 1982 film “Tron” are leading for both the DP FW19 and SS20 collection. Sci-fi movies from the 80’s were really trying to push the visuals with shaky 3D renders. That’s probably why only geometric shapes were used, but I think it looks very stylistic and beautiful. This aesthetic is not only pleasing for the eye but also just nostalgic for me, even though I’m a 90’s kid ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

You mainly designed logos in this collection. Is there a logo in this collection that you’re most proud of?

Yes, I think the logo below is the coolest because it includes the entire collection in its simplicity: psychedelic, retro and futuristic. I named this logo Morpheus, after one of the heroes of The Matrix.

Who would you like to see wearing your designed T-Shirts?

Anderson Paak was on my wish list and I saw him yesterday wearing a FW19 design on Justin Timberlake’s Instagram. I’d love to see the logo longsleeve tee from the SS20 worn by my mother (◕‿◕✿).

Do you have any projects for the future with DP?

DP founder Abder and I hang out and brainstorm a lot about projects affiliated with Daily Paper. There’s a cool project coming soon that I’ve designed with him. So keep an eye on it!

I want to give credits to Ben van Brummelen. With the help of Daan Kuyper, he contributed for the graphic design of the SS20 collection and he’s Daily Paper’s graphic mastermind. I’d also like to thank the whole design team for placing the graphics and the cool designs they created. In particular Beri Dalgali, Carly Muller and of course Jefferson, Hussein & Abder.

Shop the new Daily Paper SS20 collection in the FRESHCOTTON webshop!

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