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Next monday at noon we will launch the newest addition to our brand list, EU FC. The name EU FC stands for European Fabrics, a new brand from Amsterdam. For this exclusive launch we spoke with the designers of the brand to gain more insights. Read all about this unique story below and check out the expected items.

EU FC, short for European Fabrics, pays homage to the craftsmanship and rich history of textile production in Europe. Designed in our studio in amsterdam, we began our search for small family run business in Europe.

Forward thinking, looking for possibilities to change the future of garment production.

For our first selection of shirts, we found a Portuguese factory with 'dead stock' fabrics of premium qualities. Amazing structures and rich textures, the same ones that are used by your favorite designer labels.

By upcycling these left-over fabrics into our own garments, we give them a second life that make you both look and feel good. For our t-shirts and longsleeves we use a heavyweight organic cotton. This cotton is made in European mills and factories where tradition, expertise and working conditions are just as important as the final product.

EU FC brings a contemporary look with a laid back feel. We take production and the impact of it seriously. With a positive and progressive attitude, we do what we do naturally do best.

Through our transparent approach, we will share our design process and the search for the finest European fabrics via our stories and take you for a walk thorugh the streets of Portugal.

Each launch of garments will contain a few patchwork pieces in limited quantities, a college of the nicest fabrics from our recent trip to our manufactureres.

Our goal is making the conscious cool.

EU FC is available now!  Find the items here.

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