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Checkout the FRESHCOTTON Editorial shot by Shots Fired featuring workwear items from Carhartt WIP. The editorial is inspired by the number one Billboard song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. Immerse in the western setting and checkout the images below.

Old Town Road is one of the most popular songs at the moment, perhaps even the most popular song right now. However, it’s not the popularity of the song which has driven us to create a western themed shoot. It’s the song's producer, YungKio who inspired the theme for this editorial. YungKio is a 19-year old music producer from Purmerend, a small town near Amsterdam. Being an Amsterdam based brand, we at FRESHCOTTON decided to use the song as a source of inspiration in which we would like to show our support to the local artist.

YungKio has been producing Hip-Hop beats over the past three years and sells them on a website called BeatStars. He created the beat which features a sample by Nine Inch Nails which resulted in a crossover between trap and country music. BeatStars is a platform which connects upcoming rappers and producers, it lets rappers buy the license to these beats anonymously. This is exactly what Lil Nas X did as well, he bought the license to YungKio’s beat for only 30 dollars. However, this doesn’t leave YungKio empty handed after Lil Nas X’s success. YungKio sells all his beats along with a contract which entitles him to a portion of the earnings made from the songs which use his beats. Meaning he is enjoying the fruits of his labor just as much as the rapper who bought the rights to it.

Lil Nas X’s background story is an interesting one as well. In 2018 he created the song after buying the rights to it. Before he did so, Lil Nas X had dropped out of college and moved in with his sister. Something which his parents heavily discouraged. He continued with making music much to the frustration of his parents and later on his sister as well. It was when he felt he was he was running out of options that he came up with Old Town Road. Even saying that the frustration of his family helped him writhe chorus: “can’t nobody tell me nothing”. A month later the song started to catch on after it was shared a feature through various social media and streaming sites.

As mentioned earlier the editorial features workwear by Carhartt WIP. To get a better understanding of what workwear is, we are going to dive a little deeper into Carhartt WIP’s history. Hamilton Carhartt founded the Carhartt brand in 1889, after he hustled 5 employees into a dusty old attic in Detroit. Together with 4 sewing machines Carhartt started to produce cotton duck overalls for Detroit’s blue collar workers. (Cotton duck overalls are made from a heavy woven canvas fabric.) Detroit was the industrial hub of the U.S. at the time so the demand for workwear was high, ofcourse. What made Carhartt’s products so successful at the time was that the Worker’s Union label was sticked into the pieces of clothing. These labels provided the workers the guarantee that they were buying high quality products.

Carhartt WIP (Work in Progress) was established in 1994 by Edwin Faeh, who became the first distributor of Carhartt in Europe. Carhartt allowed Edwin Faeh to distribute and later on design workwear inspired clothing under the label Carhartt WIP. Knowing that Edwin as a European would have a better feel for the European market. Carhartt WIP started to experiment with more colors and styles, which were regarded as appealing by the Europeans. Only the difference being that the workwear inspired clothing appealed more to skaters and streetwear enthousiasts rather than actual workers. Meaning that Carhartt WIP evolved from a blue collar worker brand to a streetwear brand.

Checkout the Carhartt WIP workwear items in the FRESHCOTTON Webshop

Carhartt WIP Workwear
Art direction & photography: Shots Fired
Models: Alysha Koops
                Jadyn Jones
Styling: Jianno Voets

Directed by: Shots Fired
Shot by: Vooveo


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