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A new brand is added to FRESHCOTTON: Snow Peak. The name originates from the famous Japanese mountain Tanigawa. The brand was launched in 1958 by Yukio Yamai, an accomplished mountaineer. Mount Tanigawa is know world-wide not only fort he natural beauty of its peaks, but alsof or the numbers that failed while attempting to reach it’s summit. Based on his personal experiences, Yukio Yamai wanted to make innovative mountaineering equipment. This needed highly skilled metal processing technology. People in his own city were able to do this, in Tsubame Sanjo. This is where the story of Snow Peak truly began.

Tsubame Sanjo is the home for Snow Peak, which isn’t a coincidence. The city was known as hardware town for its history of fine crafted metal work. Close tot he city there are mountains, rivers and valleys. This rich environment naturally evokes a strong connection tot he outdoors. For the people born and raised here, nature is a part of life. It is this place that inspired Yukio Yamai, and to this day continues to inspire all of the products that come from Snow Peak, as is still home to our International Headquarters.


In the 1980 the son of Yukio Yamai became director. Later Snow Peak looked to evolve by shifting its focus from the mountaineering equipment of our past to the camping equipment of our future. Fueled by the booming national interest in auto-camping sweeping across Japan, we released a series of radically innovative products which focused on quality, functionality, timeless-durability and considered design.

Presently, the next generation of the Yamai legacy is being brought forward by Yukio's granddaughter, Lisa Yamai, who in 2014 launched Snow Peak Apparel. With great acclaim from the fashion and outdoor industries, Snow Peak Apparel has inspired a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Available now on Freshcotton.

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