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What if we would only send you 7% of a t-shirt?

What if we would only send you 7% of a t-shirt?
On the 3rd of July, the European Parliament will implement a ban on certain disposable plastic articles to reduce plastic waste in the world. Banning single-use plastic items that have sustainable alternatives which are easily available and affordable.
This means the general public may believe that the government is taking enough care of the plastic pollution problem. And they don’t need to act themselves. But in reality, this ban combined with all global government and industry commitments only reduces the amount of single-use plastic entering our oceans by 7% total. And while 7% is a step in the right direction and we applaud all the efforts being made on this front we have to go further. Because with the 7% improvement, we are still headed towards a leakage of single-use plastic products in our oceans of 27 million metric tons per year by 2040.
With our statement 'What if we would only send you 7% of a t-shirt?' together with Dopper we want to let you know that we are going in the right direction towards reducing plastic waste in the oceans, but we still have a long long way to go. Of course, we won't really send only 7% of your t-shirt, but we do want to trigger you and to help you realise how little 7% actually is, and that this will not solve the plastic pollution situation in our oceans. In addition to this campaign, Dopper will be going to the European Parliament on World Cleanup Day on 18 September to demand a ban on disposable water bottles. 
We want to make you aware that everyone's responsibility does not stop there. Together, we have to make sure that we can reduce plastic waste for a better future. Get involved, ban single-use plastic water bottles, educate yourself and others, never settle, stay green. This year we joined the Wave by Dopper. We will stop using single-use plastic bottles and always drink tap water when possible. Are you the next Wavemaker to join and reduce plastic waste? Head over to Dopper and take the pledge!