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Puma Slipstream Lo Retro is here

Puma Slipstream Lo Retro is here

The iconic Puma Slipstream, first introduced in the late '80s and brought back in the '00s, has put its mark on sneaker history. The design has been reimagined and adapted for today's sneakerheads while staying true to basketball heritage.

While always staying true to its heritage, it's as if the Slipstream has travelled through time. A fixed staple of sneaker culture tweaked and updated to adjust to the current design zeitgeist.

These Retro’s are made from soft leather on top and suède overlays. Colours such as Vibrant Orange and Amazon Green are there to make the look and feel complete. Slightly updated and always authentic.

Check out the colours Vibrant Orange en Amazon Green.

Do you want to see more of the  Puma Slipstream Lo Retro? Look at the video on our Instagram.