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Introducing: The Puma Wild Rider

Introducing: The Puma Wild Rider
Puma is one of the world's leading sports brands. The brand exists for more than 70 years. In that time, Puma has been bringing sports and culture together for the best designs in the fields of shoes, clothing and accessories. Puma works with designers and brands to bring sports elements into street culture and fashion. We're re-introducing Puma at FRESHCOTTON with a completely new design, The Wild Rider. 
The Wild Rider. Inspired by the movement and motion of city life - always going forward, further, faster, and beyond. With this shoe, Puma takes their 'Futro' styles to the next level. 'Futro' stands for future-retro. The shoe contains modern classic elements which are combined with more constructive techniques that brings in a futuristic touch. Different decades are mixed up together which result in a unique contemporary design.
The Wild Rider features a variety of materials. Nylon upper with suede and premium leather overlays are complimented with the signature Rider foam. The heel contains unique creations with futuristic elements: a formstrip that serves as a heel pull and hairy suede fabric. Adding an industrial colourway and circles on the midsole completes the futuristic inspiration. The Puma Wild Rider is all about combining the past and future, and playing with forward, further, faster, and beyond motion. 
The Puma Wild Rider is now available in limited quantities so head on over and get yours fast!