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Gramicci: explore the new lookbook

Gramicci: explore the new lookbook
Mike Graham participated in an "All Italian Ascent" at Yosemite Park's Half Dome. Here he soon learned that Mike didn't sound very Italian, after which he decided to call himself Gramicci. This name stuck when he started his outerwear brand Gramicci in 1982. Due to the lack of fine climbing gear, he decided to develop pants with an extra piece of fabric at the crotch: a Gusseted Crotch. This created more room for movement.
Soon the pants were seen as important climbing pants in the US and Japan. After the success of the wider crotch, another critical component was added: a built-in nylon strap.
To date, Gramicci is seen as a pioneer of innovation in the outdoor industry. Now that outdoor clothing and streetwear clothing are increasingly pulling together, Gramicci items are perfect to complete your outfit. The goal is to provide customers with high-quality outdoor lifestyle clothing and they continue to create original combinations of fabrics, weaves and colours. The Gramicci collection consists of items with neutral colours and contemporary fits.

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