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FRESHCOTTON celebrates Earth Day

FRESHCOTTON celebrates Earth Day
Today is Earth Day! Every year on 22 April, the world takes a moment to raise awareness on our consumer behaviour and its impact on the world. At FRESHCOTTON we aim for an environmentally friendly world and we hope you are joining too! Earth day is here to educate, inspire and raise awareness. 
The journey towards a more sustainable planet starts with yourself. At FRESHCOTTON we're starting by making our team members more aware and our general office policy. Every member is working to do their part to help create a better, environmentally friendly world.
By separating waste, we ensure that waste materials can be recycled. Even small gestures such as being mindful about what we eat during lunch and to recycle the coffee cups we use, have a big impact when you look at a years worth of waste and consumption!  We try to reduce waste as much as possible, you may not believe it, but we've shifted so much towards the digital landscape that our printer is rarely ever used. And did you know we've just joined the 'Dopper wave'? As a partner of Dopper, we are all using reusable water bottles in the office and vowed to never use single-use plastic water bottles again.
We aim to select as many items as possible that are made from sustainable materials. Organic cotton & recycled materials are aspects that ensure that products can be produced sustainably and fair. High quality is important for the lifespan of clothing. The greater the quality, the longer you are able to enjoy a piece of clothing. Sounds easy right?
We'd love to include you along on this green journey. We would like to show you how easy it can be to make green choices in your life and try to offer as many sustainable products as possible. Every small step can make a big difference in the future. We have some tips for you!
• Take good care of your clothes
• Sell, donate or recycle wherever you can
• Use the same packaging to return online purchases
• Travel by foot, cycle, use public transport or an electric vehicle
• Take shorter showers
• Eat consciously
• Don’t over consume
Never settle, do more for your planet, recycle wherever you can and buy sustainable products. Check out all sustainable products and our sustainability page.