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Fresh footwear with @fc.footwear

Fresh footwear with @fc.footwear

Have you seen our footwear selection? We know a good sneaker can make or break an outfit. Therefore, we’ve decided to make an Instagram account solely to focus on sneakers and other footwear.


We’ve also selected some of our sneaker favourites to share with you guys. From Nike Air Max 95 to adidas Ozrah’s, and from Vans Oldschool to Reebok Club C, we’ve got them all. Or maybe you’re looking for some Dr. Martens Loafers, in that case, hurry to our webshop.


We know keeping your shoes clean can be challenging, especially when you want to show off your new shoes. No worries, the Jason Markk shoe cleaning kit will remove even the trickiest stains.

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